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What elfie can do for your Travel Business


Increase your sales with simple and easy to use tools, widgets which help you track & monitor your sales, targets, leads.

Customer Relationship

Be in tune with your customer’s wants. With elfie you can customize or setup tours for customer specific requests very easily with a few clicks.

Financial Control

Track and drive the financials of your business. elfie helps collections by generating payment reminders which streamlines cashflows.


Track and streamline your operations. elfie provides Alerts & Dashboards for customer’s requests as well as operational events enable you to respond to them in a timely manner.

Ready-to-use content

Setup your packaged tours in a jiffy. elfie comes with tons of ready-to-use content on destinations and attractions which you can easily weave into your tours.

Itinerary Creation

Build and manage itineraries for your customers in a flash. elfie provides you with automated real-time pricing for packages using your internal inventory and/or third party channel managers

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elfie Benefits

Launching Tours

…is an absolute breeze. Convert a tour from concept to reality in no time at all.

Real-time Pricing

Fully automated pricing of your tours using your internal inventory or a channel manager.

Track your Business

Track your Sales, Payments & Operations using Alerts & Dashboards. Helps collections by generating payment reminders.

Scale your Business

Scale your business as and when you need. elfie is SaaS deployed on cloud i.e. pay as you Go/Grow


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Features of elfie

Take control of your business with elfie. Get going with the ready-to-use content we have and/or customise elfie to suit your business needs.


Curated Content

Business Parameters


Feedback Management

Deal Management

Finance Management


Payment Gateways

Channel Managers

Role Based Access




Full Fledged Website

You can personalise the components according to your requirement

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